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Rail, Coastal Fashion Week’s Newest Collection

Rail, Coastal Fashion Week’s Newest Collection

By Madison Collins

Edgy, fierce, and trendy. These are the new words to describe thrifted clothes. Rail, Coastal Fashion Week’s newest collection, is thrifted from Goodwill. From t-shirts, trousers, jackets, and accessories, it’s all renewed clothes. Cut, ripped, and pieced together. Rail is old clothes, rediscovered. CFW’s previous collections were designed and created from scratch. Unlike Kymberly Soulè’s other collections, Rail is Coastal Fashion Week’s first entirely thrifted collection. Rail is set to be shown at Coastal Fashion Week’s Dallas show the weekend of September 4th, 2020.

Thrift stores are currently teenagers' favorite place to shop. Besides thrift stores being a great place to find new projects, shopping there also helps the environment. Clothes, that usually end up in the landfill, are now recycled into everyday wear. Not only does thrifting keep the textile demand low, it is also a great way to stay fashionable for less. For this collection, Coastal Fashion Week prioritized sustainability. CFW plans on innovating new ways to recycle old clothes for future collections.

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