Coastal Fashion Week Ambassador Applications

Coastal Fashion Week is looking for ambassadors in or near tour cities to represent our brand. Before applying to become a CFW Ambassador consider the responsibility of posting and attending events.

For your involvement in CFW you will: 

-Be the face of CFW

-Receive free photoshoots

-Allowed free model entry for CFW

-Be VIP to all events for CFW

-Get your name and face out there


The responsibility of being a CFW ambassador is:

-Posting on your instagram feed at least once a week (along with instagram stories)

-Help find sponsors for CFW

-Help reach out to boutiques for CFW

-Promote model casting 

-Reach out to friends for model casting 

-Attend events related to CFW

-Attend photoshoots and activities for the ambassadors 


Please click on the link of the city nearest to you to begin your application. All applications will close on July 31st.